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Certified Public Accountant Serving Hampton, VA

If you manage a business in Hampton, VA, you know how many different responsibilities you need to juggle in order to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. One of the most important and stressful of these responsibilities is the finances. If you feel overwhelmed or don't know how to maximize your business's finances, Carmines, Robbins & Company, PLC, can help.

Call today to talk to our certified public accountant and get the financial help that you need.

A certified public accountant working in Hampton, VA

What We Can Help With

Our goal is to make every aspect of your financial needs and responsibilities as seamless and easy as possible. That includes:

  • Managing bookkeeping: We offer services such as Quickbooks to help organize your books so that you can easily find and keep track of your expenses and incomes.
  • Handling online payments: In today's world, online payments is the most convenient way to pay bills. Using our specialized technology and expertise, we can manage your bills, reconcile your bank statements, and even handle your payroll process online.
  • Preparing tax statements and documents: Our team of professionals will help you quickly prepare your individual and business tax returns, management reports, and financial statements. We'll even work with your tax preparer if you already have one.


Here at Carmines, Robbins & Company, PLC, we know finances. Our only goal is to keep you, your employees, and your bottom line happy and positive. We want to handle the financial aspects of your business so that you can get back to the parts of running your company that you enjoy the most. Let one of our certified public accountants take some of the stress and responsibility off of your shoulders.

Our team has decades of years of experience in the financial industry, so we're confident that we can help you, no matter your current situation. Give us a call today at 757.873.8585 for financial help in Hampton, VA, and the surrounding areas.


In three easy steps, our team can help you
find your path to a sustainable, profitable business
and more individual freedom.


  Great coffee...and great service too!

We enjoy sitting down over a great cup of coffee to learn more about you, your needs and your financial goals. Here are a few things we can do for you:

 • We'll sort out your accounting.
 • We'll minimize your taxes.
 • Timely service and clear fee structure.
 • Quicken/QuickBooks/QuickBooks Online/Peachtree Specialists.
 • Initial consultation...no charge!
 • Great coffee!

Dental Arts Accounting

Carmines Robbins' offers customized accounting services including BOSS™ (Back Office Support System) for the dental arts profession.

Learn about our specialized services for Dental Arts Professionals.


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